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We take care of all the flight/shipping arrangements for all our customers. All you have to do is pick up your bird at your nearest airport on the same day within 3 to 5 hrs. Simple and Safe! We only ship via Delta airlines. (Shipping details & FAQ below)

We will coordinate flight times with our customers a few days in advance before the bird is shipped (weather permitting). The customer is supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill/tracking number, and flight arrival time prior to departure. It is recommended that the customer arrives at the airport no later than the expected flight arrival time so that your bird is not waiting at the airport.

We will contact our customer once again on the day of shipment before the bird's departure from our aviary. A return call, text, or e-mail to JC aviary letting us know that the bird(s) arrived safely is greatly appreciated.

Shipping is an additional $185 nationwide & up (U.S only) + airline-approved shipping crate ($65 - $125)
Any bird that leaves our aviary must be paid in full before the bird is shipped.

We offer to ship within the U.S only. We do NOT offer international shipping.
Texas locals must come and pick up! 

Shipping FAQs

  • How does shipping work?
    We take care of the flight/shipping arrangements for all our customers. All a customer has to do is to pick up their baby at their nearest airport with a Valid I.D. Simple and Safe!

    We'll coordinate flight times with our customer a few days before the bird is shipped (weather permitting). We'll drop off the bird at our airport and the customer will pick up the bird at their nearest major airport. Customers are supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill number, and flight arrival time prior to departure. A direct flight will arrive within 3-6 hours depending on your state. Please click on our "Terms and Conditions" tab to read more detailed information on shipping.

  • Is shipping safe for the birds?
    Yes, of course!!! Our pet carriers are well designed to ensure our bird(s) enjoy their flight to their destination. We provide food, water, and soft bedding inside the shipping carriers to ensure the baby is comfortable while traveling. In addition, we train our bird(s) to be in a pet carrier daily for a few mins to ensure they don't get stressed while traveling during their flight.

  • What is inside/on top of the shipping carrier?
    A weaned bird comes with extra food (Pellets/Seeds mix) inside a ziplock lock bag that will last you a few days.
    Un-weaned bird comes with a hand-feeding syringe, pellets/seeds that the baby is being weaned on, and baby formula that will last you a few days.

    Manila folder with an Avian vet health certificate, disease testing lab report, bird care (Tips and Advice), favorites fruits/veggies list, and hatch certificate is attached to every shipping carrier.

  • Does the price of a bird on our website include shipping or DNA?
    No, the prices on our website do not include shipping or DNA. Please click on our "Terms and Conditions" tab to read more detailed information on shipping or DNA.

  • How much does the shipping cost?
    Shipping is an additional $185 & up nationwide. Any state, any airport. The airline-approved shipping crate is $65 - $125

  • Do we guarantee our shipping and what's the return policy?
    Yes, all our birds are guaranteed to arrive at your airport safely. All sales are final when the birds are shipped. There are no returning birds. We have a 24-hour limit of notification, after delivery of the birds, of any death at the delivery point specified on the order. Immediate inspection is necessary to ensure damage didn't occur during shipping and the birds are alive at delivery. We will replace the dead bird or refund the cost of the bird one time, but not the shipping cost (Don't worry, this has never happened to us).

  • Do birds come with a health guarantee?
    Yes, all our weaned birds come with a full health guarantee. We provide our customers with 7 days health guarantee to take the bird(s) to an avian veterinarian. If an avian veterinarian states that the bird was Unfit for sale (not healthy), a certificate/paperwork must be presented to JC aviary within 24 hours of the exam for exchange or full refund of the bird(s). Please click on our "Health Guarantee" tab to read more detailed information.

  • All our birds (weaned or un-weaned) are DISEASE TESTED negative for Polyomavirus (PVD), Avian Bornavirus (ABV), Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD), and Chlamydia psittaci. We provide paperwork with every bird we sell.

  • Bringing your new bird home.... (Settling in)
    When you get home, put your bird in the cage and let him/her be. He/She needs time to adjust to his/her surroundings. No matter how cute he/she is, how much you want to show him/her off, or how much the kids want to have him/her perch on their fingers, let your bird be.
    Give him/her a day of peace to adjust. Offer him/her water, fruits/veggies along with pellets/seed mix as soon you get home.
    * Moustaki, N. (2005). Parrots for dummies. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pub.

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